29N – Condition: Fog
June 16, 2010, 6:28 am
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The fog was so thick I could hardly see twenty feet in front of me, and yet I was driving over 70 mph. I could have died at any moment. My hands were clenched tight around the steering wheel and my eyes were completely focused on what little I could see. It was now the time to stay focused and not blink once or even glance to the side. I tried turning on my high beams and shining my own light, but it only made things worse. All I could do was see as far as You let me see and trust that there was a road in front of me, trust that You would guide me each step of the way. You didn’t let me see much of what was in front of me, but You let me see twenty feet, and then the next twenty feet, and You said, “Wait and see. Trust Me. Do you trust me, Carmen? That I have your best interest in mind and that I will take you where I want you?”

Teach me to trust You. I tend to just mess things up when I take them into my own hands. And in the uncertainty, and the sheer trust and hope, and at the moment that I felt so alone, I glanced up at my rear-view mirror and saw a semi-truck closely following me from what he could see of my tail lights.

Trust God, no matter how hard it is. He will take you to safety, and you never know, your journey may even be guiding others to Him as well